Laura Kennedy Coaching and Consulting, LLC

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Welcome to Laura Kennedy Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Laura has her degree's in teaching and is a certified life coach. As a Christian following God's will, Laura coaches other women in their life to reach their goals and God-given potential through workshops and positive mindset and accountability groups. Even if you have no support in life, you can find support and peace in God and as a member in the accountability groups.

Besides being a Scripture-based Life Coach, Laura is also an Educational Consultant and author. She has a coaching/consulting program for parents who want to teach their little ones at home, preschool through third grade. The group coaching sessions, 1:1 consulting, and teaching to read and teaching parts of speech children's books with scripture and pre-recorded videos are used to build confidence in learning for both the parents as well as the children. Laura has also written a 100-day devotional/journal book for moms entitled, "Mom, What Is Your One?."

green and black camera on tripod

Laura Kennedy Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Our mission is to provide comprehensive training and support to individuals, enabling them to develop confidence in their teaching abilities. Through our humble approach, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that promotes the growth of both educators and children, ultimately increasing their overall confidence and love for learning.

Our vision is to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to gain confidence in themselves as educators, fostering an environment that enhances children's learning and boosts their self-assurance.


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