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Numbers 1-20 Flashcards 


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Interactive Flashcards have with each letter a picture, Bible verse, Bible story for a devotional, and Z-team commentary.

Weekly Group Coaching

$100 / 4-weeks

Each week there is a set time where you can come in a group setting to get questions answered and support from others on teaching your young children. 

1:1 Consulting

$1,000 / 6 weeks

Email Laura during business hours and get 1:1 support and includes the weekly group coaching sessions. Please schedule a 1:1 call to see if a great fit.



A weekly free event for Mother's And Little's Social. During this time, you get a mommy and me devotional, craft, tips on teaching your child in reading or math, and social time. 

Alphabet Matching Worksheet


Match letters to beginning letter sound.

Z-Team Parts of Speech


This is a 4-week program with 5 days each week. You will learn all about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more including diagraming with Bible stories, Z-Team commentary, and a video for each day's lesson.

Z-Team Teach to Read


This is a series of 23 chapters, small books, that takes a child who knows his/her sounds and ready to read all the way to independent reading. This is done with Bible stories, Z-Team commentary, and two videos for each small book.