Welcome to Scripture-Based Mindset and Accountability Life Coach for Mom's

 Mindset and Accountability Scripture-based Life Coaching services are:

Weekly Mom's Bible Study. Please inquire for more information. 
 *First package is a combination of a 4-week 1:1 road map session and a group membership for mindset and accountability purposes.  

The "Road-Map" 1:1  sessions consist of first laying the foundation with your mindset. Second, setting a plan for when the negative mindset appears. Then we look at the roots that are planted and pull out the weeds in our lives that do not need to be there. Lastly, we look at the tools you will use to help you maintain a positive mindset.

The parable that Jesus tells in Matthew about building your house on the rock or the sand is true in our lives. When you have your foundation set, with a positive mindset, and are rooted in God, then when the storm comes you will stand firm.

* 4-week workshops in "When Your Internal Hard Drive Crashes" and "Taking Care of Your Body Inside and Outside" (both with  1, 30 min 1:1), 

* 6-week workshop "Gaining Confidence in Yourself While Growing in God" (with  2, 30 min 1:1).

  For a complimentary 30-minute chat to see which package is best for you,  please click on the call button.