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I am so thankful for Laura and my weekly 1:1 time. Like today, our discussion about how God is showing me water. Did you know water is mentioned 722 times? Faith is only mentioned 322 times. Apparently, it is very important for me to study; this was truly insightful on her part. When we first started our time together, I was like, ugh, I don't want to do this. I don't need this. I am truly excited to learn what God and Laura have in store for me. Three benefits I have found are the support group as a community to come to that is monumental in my walk with God, healing, and work. I love that there is somewhere I can go to have fellowship with other moms. Plus, Laura shares great tips and tricks on things like cooking on a budget, having fun with our kids, and journal prompts to help us in our devotional time with God.



So my new friend Laura, she creates classes for women to do to get closer to God... and to understand the Bible! I took her 4 week class. In all honesty I didn't think much of it when I started, however I prayed about it and asked for the ability to get something out of it! Let me tell you, God answered my prayer!!! She really made the verses and the lessons make sense in a way I've never heard. (church, youth groups, church camps, all the stuff) and she was the one I understood the best. Made the Bible simple and easy! She has a great ability with her mom/teacher background to make it fun as well! I will continue to work my garden and someday soon I will have a beautiful garden in full bloom! Thank you Laura for helping me grow as a better Christian and grow closer to God when I'm in a place right now where I need him the most! I am absolutely grateful for you and what you offered in your class.... Hugs, Amber



I met Laura Kennedy in a homeschool Facebook page. She is a Christian life coach and homeschool consultant. She was asking for volunteers to try out 4 weeks of coaching. I volunteered. So we talked on messenger for 4 weeks free for my review. It was refreshing and reaffirming. We talked about how life is like a garden and how we have certain tools to cultivate our garden. She used lots of Bible verses and encouraged me to look some of them up. She encouraged me to look to my future and to keep my eyes on God as He leads me in His will. I highly recommend doing some sessions with her. She has a lot of knowledge and is very encouraging. She even did a session with me while Jax screamed the whole time. I’m so glad God led me to her. 



Laura Kennedy goes all in to help her clients get results and is a wonderful example for motherhood. She shares wonderful resources for motherhood, self worth and accountability for Moms who want to do their best. She is a blessing to work with! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



The ABC Flashcards are great! Easy to print and use. The graphics are nice.  A great resource for our homeschooling journey. Thanks!